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Holistic Transformational Coaching

Work-Life Balance/Career/Relationships/Health & Body /Stress & Anxiety

Holistic Transformational coaching is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counselling. The coaching conversation is open and non-judgmental. I will ask you powerful questions, that might even challenge your beliefs. What's best is, you come up with your own best solutions which you subconsciously knew but weren't able to notice before. The coaching process addresses specific life goals - career, relationships, health and much more...

Holistic Coaching differs in a way where it helps us to work on our mind-body-spirit by covering all aspects in your life like - your food, lifestyle, sleeping patterns, though patterns, what you watch and read, and like such. I will help you identify if you have any patterns like such that may be disrupting other aspects of your daily life and how we can change all of that with ease.

Even a little change in one area of your life can create a bigger impact overall. 



Session Frequency: You can choose from as few as a single session to 12 sessions over a period of 3 months. During our discovery call, we discuss what suits you best you and I will help you book your sessions accordingly.

Session Duration: 1 hour

Mode: Online /In Person


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Right from the first session, we work towards gaining more clarity towards your goals. We will work towards shaping your life by releasing all that is not serving you best, thus working towards your goals. Coaching is hence a powerful mechanism providing guidance, empowerment and improvement.

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