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About Me


Kashmira Poojary

Holistic Transformational Coach


Hi, I'm Kashmira, I am a Qualified Holistic Transformational Coach. I have been working on transforming the lives of many people for 9 years.

I believe, your mind and body impact each other equally - if something's not right in one area of your life it affects everything else too. In my sessions, we get to the root cause and work on releasing a lot of stuff, so you start creating more in your lives.

My Qualifications & Registrations -

  • Registered Member of Complementary Medical Association

  • Qualified Transformational Coach, Animas UK

  • Certified Mental Health First Aider, UK

  • Reiki Master Teacher - Holy Fire Karuna Reiki III , UK.

  • International Access Bars Practitioner/Facilitator, UK

  • International Access Facelift Facilitator, UK

  • International Access Body Work Practitioner, UK

  • Sound Healing Therapist

  • Oracle Angel Card Reader

  • Energy Healer

  • Tarot Reader

  • Healing with Angels

How I can help you?

I work with you, not just on specific problems but on an overall mind-body-spirit level. When I work on your mind, body, and spirit together I can get to the root cause easily. It helps you easily let go of what's not serving you better and welcomes new changes in your lives with ease and joy!


The only way to sustain and never go back to your problems is to work on its root cause and release it from your reality.

With the help of Holistic Transformational Coaching sessions, I help you to clear everything that's holding you back in your life for eg. childhood conditioning, your belief systems, picked up thoughts from others, unhealthy habits, etc.

What is Holistic Coaching?

Holistic Coaching differs in a way where it helps us to work on our mind-body-spirit by covering all aspects in your life like - your food, lifestyle, sleeping patterns, though patterns, what you watch and read, and like such.


I will help you identify if you have any patterns like such that may be disrupting other aspects of your daily life and how we can change all of that with ease.

Even a little change in one area of your life can create a bigger impact overall. I will help you identify what that is and we'll work together to change that if you are willing to!


You may need to undertake a series of sessions that will gradually help you get rid of all ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and energies that are not serving you for your highest good.

Getting started...

My clients have had drastic transformations in their lives emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. So why not connect with me for a free consultation call.

I believe, healing your mind, body, and spirit is of vital importance in order to start creating the life you want.



You played a significant role in my decisions... Thank you !

Heartfelt thanks to channelise my energies in the right direction. I felt I had hundreds of thoughts everyday out of which only 2-3 were productive and it were your positive vibes that made me make the right choice. I learnt from you - one just needs mindfulness to make the right choices

Mrs. Rishika Barot

Just one session and I got so much clarity


I had only one life coaching session so far and found Kashmira very easy to talk to and she grasped the problem very well in that first session and motivated me to try out few approaches. Skype call was prompt with no waiting time

-Roopa Lutzenberger


What you can choose?


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