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Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching

Managing Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress/Self Care Skills/Getting more clarity and planning/Life Balance/Stress, Anxiety, Fear

Are you present in the now?

If you have feelings of worry, anxiety, fear, sadness, stress, judgements and the list goes on. This means that you are not actually there.

You are being forgetful of your being there. The opposite of forgetfulness is mindfulness. If you are aware of your being there, you will never dwell on the past or future with these feelings. Mindfulness can be brought into practice even in the simplest of the activities in our daily life. We can eat, walk, and even breathe mindfully.

Typical Session

For 1 complete hour and we practice 3 different types of meditations as per your need. Meditations include breathing mindfully, creative visualisation and other guided meditations. They vary for different people depending on their issues and needs.

I coach you on your body awareness and breath awareness that help you become conscious of what is it that requires a change

Session duration: 1 hour

Therapy Session
Guided Meditation
Meditating at Home
Enjoying Outdoor

We do a number of meditations and exercises during the sessions. I also teach you visualizations to release the unwanted and manifest your dreams. You will be on a wonderful journey of self-exploration and awareness of your being. You will go away with the feeling of calmness and peace in every session.

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