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How it works?

  • ​Once you enroll in a program you will get a confirmation email. Please check your updates folder in case you do not receive it in your inbox or contact us via the contact us form

  • A member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours of your enrolment in the program for confirmation

  • Your coach will schedule a Free Discovery Call with you. You will get the call invite and details in your registered email.

  • The purpose of this call will be to understand your goals and planning your session dates. During this call, the coach will also understand your current situation which will help them create a transformation plan tailored to your needs.​

  • Your First session will be scheduled within 2 days of your discovery call or the earliest available slot in that week.

  • Weekly sessions will be scheduled and you will be sent the confirmed dates via email.

  • You will get one chance to reschedule each session(only by a day or two). You have to notify your coach at least 2 days in advance if you reschedule.

  • You will be invited to become a part of Enliven community where you get to meet and interact with like-minded people.

  • Additionally, you can also participate in the challenges, fun activities, Workshops, Webinars which will be conducted specially for Enliven community.

  • We do not suggest taking any breaks in between your program unless really critical.​

  • In case you have enrolled on a plan after taking a discovery call with us, £10 will be adjusted in the plan amount and you will have to pay the rest. Also, you will directly start on your journey with session no. 1


Frequently asked questions

What happens in a discovery call?

This is an introductory call with your coach, where you will understand how holistic coaching would benefit you. During the discovery call the coach will try to understand what kind of support you need from them. They might ask you about your current situation and what can you choose to do differently to change it. You can feel free to discuss any questions that you may have before you start your journey with us, even about - the qualifications, experience and ways of working or what tools the coach would use to support your transformation. If this is your first call with us, the coach will suggest you which plan is better for you.

Once enrolled, can I schedule the discovery call & sessions on my own?

Yes definitely. You can go to the book now section from our services option and schedule the dates as per your convenience. Just ensure you keep a gap of 1 week as per your program structure and choose your dates accordingly. When you select book now, you will automatically see how many session are left in your program. If you are a planner, you can also book all the session in advance. Neverthless, the coach will help you with your dates in the discovery call and pre-book them for you.

Can I reschedule my sessions?

We understand that you may have some personal commitments some times. Hence, you may reschedule your sessions in case you have any personal emergencies. Just ensure it does not disturb your program timelines as also inform your coach in advance about the change in your session dates or just ask them to reschedule for you.

What happens in the coaching session?

A coaching session is a deep dive discussion that opens your awareness. The coach asks you challenging questions that may bring out your hidden beliefs or conditioning. You may become aware of your filter that were not letting you change your situations. You may come accross throughts that you may be holding on to subconsciously. The coach will enable you to work on all of this and more and empower you to be able to make better choices and decisions for your life.

Will I have any takeways from each coaching session?

All of our clients have reported transforming experiences after every session. You will also be given a set of simple activites like journaling, affirmations, some useful reading, mindful walks in nature, connecting with your innerself acitivites and much more. Depending on where you are in your journey and what each session brings out the coach and you will together decide on what you can work on in between your session. You also require to showcase a sense accountability for the practises that you choose.

How are the sessions conducted?

The sessions are either conducted online or in person. The benefit of online sessions is that you can take them from the ease of your home. For online sessions, the team will send you a zoom or google meet invite on the day of your sessions.

How can I prepare myself for every session?

You may or may not prepare for your first session. We suggest to list down your goals or points of discussion in case you feel like so that you do not miss any points. Its recommended to follow every takeaway from each session. You may journal your observations in your notebook or notes of your mobile so that its easy for your to discuss with your coach in the next session.

How do I know which program suits me the best?

Enhance - If you have short term goals like finding a job, improving concentration and focus, help with alining your schedule and sticking to it or if you know what you want but are unable to achieve due to some imbalances then this plan is for you. Revive - If you have goals like developing self confidence, working on your anxiety or depression, mood swings, health goals, relief from past traumas or anythnig that has been disturbing you since more than 3 months are so and you are unable to change it by yourself then this plan is for you Rebuild - This plan is for someone who has goals like finding their life path, self transformation including working on their long term goals, changing habits, change in personality or anything that makes you realise you require and inner transformation to achieve or create that what you want in life this program is just for you. You may also scheule a discovery call with one of our me to help you decide.

How is each session different from another?

Every session carries different energy and is very transforming. In every session the coach will assess your progress and give you the space to discuss what more you can get out of the session. Each session will mark your progress from the previous one. It will be a proof of your progress as well as you will discover what could be the next plan of action for you to progress further

How will I know I'm progressing?

As a qualified transformational I am trained to empower my clients to make drastic changes in their lives. I also perform check-in in between the sessions to ensure you are on the right track. As much as, it's a the duty of the coach to ensure your progress the plan will only work if I see equal commitment from your end. It's suggested to follow all the takeaways in between sessions and also be completely transparent with your coach during your sessions. This way I can ensure we are moving on the right path to your success.