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10 Mantras to Recite in Stress

STRESS !!! What do you usually mean by having stress in your life?

Unable to focus. Feeling Lost. Messed up thoughts and messed up situations around. Uncertainty in the results? Or do you just feel like shutting down everything and going some place where there's peace and serenity? Rather how about talking to your self and finding the peace right here and right now. How about you never had to go to your peaceful land but find the peace within yourself even when situations try to mess you up.

When in stress take control of your thoughts and say things that will bring in the peace back by letting go.

I give you 10 mantras that you can recite when you feel stressed. You can say these as many times in a day or just make a habit to write them in your journal everyday. Or just stick it on your wall in your bedroom.

1. Who does this belong to?

2. All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory.

3. What else is possible?

4. I welcome changes in my life for the highest good of all.

5. I can manage my self with ease and bring in the peace back.

6. I know how to be happy.

7. I am enough.

8. I can take care of anything that challenges me.

9. I am strong and I am safe.

10. I am in control of my life.

The first three are the access consciousness affirmations and they work. You do not have to dig in deep for their meanings, but they some how have worked for all and so will for you too.

You also, do not have to recite all of them . You can choose any of the ones which you are drawn too and might think would work for you best.

Also, rather than telling yourself how stressful your life is. You might use the following techniques and see if they help you.

1. Be mindful of your stress: Be mindful just when the stress starts to take over. Be aware of your thoughts when you feel stress is trying to take over you.

2. Take a step back: Take a step back to notice what's going on in your mind company. What thoughts are getting created. What statements do you tell your self.

3. Replace the negative & unwanted : Try to give yourself positive statements when you start noticing unwanted and negative thoughts. Be careful about what you say to yourself.

4. Deep breathing and focus : Bring in your awareness to your breathing. Focus on your inhale and exhale. Breath in mindfully. Check benefits of mindfulness here

These strategies may not be your overall solution to stress, but you can include them in your plan to manage your stress.  Of course, it may not be easy at first.  You probably have been in a habit to take a lot of stress.  But it will get easier with practice. Remember stress sometimes is good since it puts you in action. But prolonged stress with negative thoughts and feelings can be harmful to your overall health.

Let me know how good it would feel to let go your stress than rather than pushing it back.

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