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Change the way you feel by changing the way you think

Our brain processes around 60,000 thoughts in a day. Most of them are repetitive. When you repeat a thought multiple times, in your mind, what you do actually is - You give your energy to that thought. By giving it your maximum energy, in reality, you are creating an emotion from that thought. For eg. If you keep repeating in your mind - 'What a beautiful day it is !' You indeed create a positive emotion which is feeling grateful, feeling happy, feeling present, feeling inspired... Where are if a thought pops up in your mind - 'OMG I hope I do not feel as awful as I felt yesterday.' And now, if you keep thinking about it and repeating the same thing in your brain. You give it enough energy to create an awful emotion. You will then start to feel depressed, sad, get anxious...

And then what happens? Once you create a feeling from your repetitive thoughts, you manifest similar situations. Situations like - You miss the bus, you couldn't make it to the movie on time, you get into an argument with your boss, come across someone who makes you feel even sadder.

So when you create these situations you go back thinking - 'Why always me?'. You have now started to blame others to make you feel even worst. Whereas, think about who created all this in the first place? Where did it come from? So understand, it's easy to blame someone else when you do not feel the way you want to, BUT think about this, you really wanted THINK about the way you wanted to FEEL. Your thoughts create your feelings. You feel the way you think. And it's never the opposite. Many people believe that, since they are in a particular situation is the reason they are so negative and they blame the situation and the people around for them being negative. But in reality, it's THEM who create and attract this in their being!

Thinking positive thoughts needs practice, especially if you have practised being negative for a long time. But do not give up. Because the way we feel is a photocopy of the way we think. If you use a negative though, what gets imprinted is a negative feeling.

Try some of these things on the list:

  • Practice positive self-talk.

  • Be mindful of what thoughts pop up automatically.

  • Be aware what you think when you feel a negative emotion coming up.

  • Write down your thoughts. Find and write a positive though besides it. So that next time the same thought appears you can try replacing it with the positive one.

  • Check your social circle. Be around people that encourage you and pass on positive thoughts to your energy.

  • Start your day with a good thought. Being grateful first thing in the morning has always helped people stay positive throughout the day.

  • Spend some time to meditate. Start with 5 mins, then increase the duration.

  • Watch an inspirational video.

  • Read a good book that inspires you.

  • Write down affirmations.

  • Practice mindfulness.

Being positive all the time, might not be easy at first. But bring it into practice and see how things change for you. Remember the way you feel is always dependent on the way you think and it's never the opposite. So be positive and create magic in your life!

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