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Living without Self-Judgements

How many times in a day do we criticise ourselves for not being good enough?No matter how hard you work, you feel like you are missing something, criticize for not achieving our goals in time, or for not living a life we desire.Or just thinking that – you can't do this or do that, you will not be welcomed, or they won't like you? You don't know how to… or what to…? Does it sound familiar?At the end of the day, we are left with so many judgments of ourselves. And at night when you are unable to sleep, just lying there on your bed do you know how worse you feel?Do you know what these self-judgments create within you?It creates worry.And we have so many unwanted emotions of anger, grief, sadness, hatred. It drains you out of energy.Just for today, every time you judge yourself, notice what kind of emotion comes up for you. If possible, make a note of all the emotions.At the end of the day check your list of how many unwanted emotions you created within yourself.Do you really need all these emotions? NO. We create unnecessary sufferings of our own selves. Do you really need to suffer for all this?Then right from tomorrow practice living without judging yourself.Here's how,

  1. Ask if it's true: Ask, are you really like the way you're judging yourself?Ask, if it is just an opinion of others or it's just that you made it up yourself. Does it really need all your energy?

  2. Check your expectations: Check what you really expect.Analyse the current situation and check if you are being hard on yourself.Stop beating up yourself for trying to set and achieve unrealistic goals.Create a checklist and validate what is achievable by when.

  3. Practice acceptance: None of us are perfect. Accept your imperfections.Create a plan for improvement.

  4. Learn from mistakes: Do not keep thinking about mistakes of your past. Rather learn from them and try to make improvements next time.Stop negative self-talks and have compassion for your self.Get an awareness that when you judge yourself, it attaches you to all the negative thoughts you can have.Understand that you deserve to be loved.

  5. Stick to your plan of improvement: Regularly follow your plan.Set a timeline and don't be too hard on yourself.

  6. Laugh at your own judgments: Once you know the judgments are just a perspective let them go.Make fun of your own judgments and they just go away.Like- Oh really??? Do I think of myself like that?

  7. Decide for the last time: Decide today that you won't judge yourself.Keep practicing. Do not ever let it come back.

  8. Be proud to be original: Be your own self.Be and do what make yourself, you.Do what you love.

Have a hobby.Live Happily! Live without Self-Judgments!!!

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