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Loving Yourself

Good Morning… So, what was the first thought that came to your mind when you got up this morning? Was it – Oh… I need more sleep. Or was it? – work, office, boss, friends, parents, your dog, neighbors, traffic, weather, career, love and the list goes on? Or were there just a few expressions of apathy, rage, uncertainty, aggression, hatred... (oh my God!)Here’s a deal... tomorrow when you wake up, the moment you open your eyes make sure you say this – ‘I love myself.’ and say it repeatedly till all those unwanted thoughts and emotions just run away from your mind. Say it loud in your mind and say it several times more. If you already started to feel great...that's awesome.Think for a moment, when you were a little kid, how much joy your favorite game, or your favorite bicycle or your favorite dress gave you. Just close your eyes for a moment, go back to those days and think about, what took you to that wonderful world of joy. Did you notice why it gave you so much joy? Why the thought of your favorite game, dress or your bicycle gives you so much happiness? It is because you loved it so much more than anything.Then, how about loving your own self? How about loving your thoughts? How about loving your body? Loving each aspect of your being? How wonderful would it be when you fall in love with your own self.Just think about how much you abuse your body each day by saying - I am so fat, my hair looks bad, my skin is so dull… Does it sound familiar? What would it be like when you start saying good things to yourself OR just saying ‘I love myself.’ Will that change anything? YES, it will. It will make you aware of your being, of you being into this wonderful body and how much you need to take care of it. And how well you need to maintain it. Just like you kept your favorite game, dress, and bicycle securely (and allowed no one else to touch it). When you are aware of yourself, you can make wonderful changes to your being. What would you take to changing your being and transform into the one you always wanted to? LOVE YOURSELF. With this simple tool, you can start making minute alterations to your being and transform yourself to make prominent changes to your own little world and of others too.

Remember, Next 21 days, the moment you open your eyes say to yourself-– I love you, I love myself… Happy Living!!

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