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Secret to be Happy

What would it take for you to be happy today?You might say… If I have an X amount of money in my bank account, then I will be happy OR If I am loved and respected by all then I will be happy OR If I forget the past I would be happy.What if, being happy was as easy as brushing your teeth or say, having a bath every day. YES… Indeed, it is. It is more than having your conditions fulfilled. These conditions have no end. Since they will never make you feel happy. I will explain to you why, in a moment!Think for a moment… What is happiness really for you? Does it have to be dependent on all such conditions? I believe it doesn’t. Think about it. I will tell you another interesting thing. A lot of people must be aware that our bodies are nothing but energies. (This is the theory that every matter is made up of energy in its atomic form.) Now, this body energy vibrates at a certain level of vibration(Ref. book - Power vs Force by David Hawkins).It emits vibrations differently when you have various emotions in your body. So, when you block yourself having a condition to be happy, what you actually do is, make your body long for something to happen first and only then vibrate at the level of happiness. Until then, the body is vibrating at a level lower than that.Instead, do it differently. Decide today – no matter what conditions you are in right now. Try to vibrate at the level of happiness. And when you vibrate at that level you can start seeing miracles happening in your life. For eg. When you vibrate at the level of joy or gratitude, which is the topmost level anybody can vibrate, you tend to attract similar energies. You will attract happy people, happy situations and yes definitely you can attract all those things you ever thought you would become happy for. Another interesting fact about this is, if you wait for something to happen and then try to be happy, you technically will never be. Like I said earlier, you will always have another condition on the list. And then think of being happy, only once that is checked out of your list. And the list would go on and on and on…Be happy like kids are – for no reason. They do not need a reason to be happy. They are just happy. And hence when we look at them we feel so fulfilling. Imagine if you were to be happy for no reason what impact you would create for yourself and the people you meet. How exciting would it be for someone to see a happy face when you greet them or talk to them? How would it make you feel when you see their response and excitement? YESSSS be happy now. There’s no time or condition. Just decide. Decide today. Decide now. Just decide to be happy. Since happiness comes from within. It’s not out there. That’s the secret to be happy.‘BEING HAPPY IS A CHOICE… CHOOSE HAPPINESS OVER CONDITIONS’

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