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Vision boards... Do they need creativity?

Having a plan for your life definitely makes a difference. Visioning it being real takes efforts. And there are ways which may help you not to get sidetracked. Have you ever created a vision board? A vision board is a plan for your life. Not really a formal plan and the one that has to be in place even if things don't work as they were meant to be. But it's a generic way to have a vision for your life. It would include your short term and/or long term goals. Goals that would make your life better and happy. And goals that will give you everything that you truly deserve to have and be.

Things might or might not turn out the way you have put in your board and that's one reason you need to be realistic and reasonable. You need to be true to your self when you create your board. You need to be sure of your capabilities and how much you may achieve in a set amount of timeline. Make sure you do not wreck yourself down by losing all the fun you might have during the journey of achievements.

Envision your dreams, be true and realistic and make a plan to achieve them. Make sure to stick to the plan.

So do you really need to be creative when you create your vision board? The answer is NO.

You can just start putting in ideas on the paper. Write timelines. Place words that push you taking to take the right actions. Use words like - DO NOT GIVE UP, SUCCESS, RESULTS, HAPPY, FUN, JOY or anything that makes you feel good about achieving your goals.

If you happen to be too creative, why not use your creativity to make things colorful as well !

A few important things to place in your vision board

  • Set realistic Timelines

  • Write down your Actions

  • Use words that cheer you up - quotations , affirmations

  • Books that could be useful during this journey.

  • Names or Pictures of everyone involved while achieving your goal

  • A picture of yourself. A collage with friends/family.

A vision board is a pathway to define your success and goals. Set the right intentions, respect your goals, take responsibility, take action, stick to your plan and make it work for you. Spend time to see your vision board atleast once a day. Best Luck with your achievement. Let me know how it goes for you !

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